About Us

About Law Offices of Hilla R. Nattiv

The Law Offices of Hilla R. Nattiv has provided comprehensive business and family based immigration services since 2003. We represent a wide range of employers and individuals from early stage start-ups and sole proprietorships to large multinational organizations. We strive to provide customized and professional immigration solutions and we take pride in ensuring that our clients- both employers and individuals-receive personalized one- on-one service. We are responsive and professional and will work with you to ensure that your immigration needs are met in an effective and efficient manner. Our objective is to obtain swift and successful results for all of our clients regardless of their size or location.

Why Us?

Together, we have more than 35 years of experience in immigration law. We take pride in ensuring that our clients receive professional and personalized legal solutions. Our team works closely with clients to ensure appropriate case strategy is set forth and implemented to effectively meet global mobility needs.

It is personal. Customer service is our top priority and we provide a personal touch. At the Law Offices of Hilla R. Nattiv, we enjoy each approval almost as much as the individual or employer we represent. We recognize that as immigration counsel- we are directly impacting our clients’ lives and we value that.
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